Pizzeria Restaurant: Taste and Delights of Lightness


We have always devoted particular attention to catering for our customers young and old. Il Girasole, one of the most desirable Tuscany villages sea, has a restaurant with 200 seats which offers a menu designed to cover the needs of all our guests and to delight the most discerning palates.


The Grand Buffet rich, good and plentiful, particularly influenced by the typical Maremma cuisine, boasts a range of hot and cold appetizers, great selection of delicious main courses of fish and meat, seconds of land and sea processed with local ingredients always fresh, vegetables, cheeses, fruits, salads and desserts. Water, red and white wine in jug, at will.

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Kid Menù

The Chef dedicates a portion of buffet foods appetizing and nutritious most loved by children. Always present, dumplings, white pasta, pasta with tomato sauce, pesto, chicken breast, breaded cutlets, hot dogs, burgers and fries.


It ‘s also a microwave specifically dedicated to mothers, as warmer for the baby.

Pizzeria and Grilled

Some nights a week our pizza maker offers a wide variety of classic pizzas and stuffed. One evening a week, during high season, we propose instead “Grill & Beach”, the mixed grill, which is served directly on the beach, with beer and music in the moonlight.


The restaurant is also open to outside guests who can enjoy the buffet at a fixed price or table service with menu choice of dishes expressed.